The Windows 8 Store, language and location

Sometimes people ask me where they can find specific apps, as they don’t see the apps they expect to see. This can be caused by the selected UI language(s) and/or Location in Windows.

Set your location

The location determines the part of the store you are looking at. You’ll always see that part of the store that belongs to your location, with apps published for “Rest of the world” added to it. To set the location:

1. Go to the start screen, type location and select Settings just below the search textbox.


2. Click Change location. This will launch a dialog on the desktop.


3. Choose the appropriate Home location in the dropdown box to eventually see the corresponding part of the Windows Store.

4. (Re)start the Windows Store app.

Language settings

The configures language settings in Windows in combination with a settings in the Windows Store app is another setting that determine which apps you’ll see. The Windows Store app has a setting to only show the apps for the configured preferred languages. It this is switched off you’ll see all languages in the store for your location.

To see which preferred languages are set in your environment, go to the start screen, type Language and select Settings just below the search text box like you see in the screenshot below.


Click Language on the left to open that dialog. You’ll see something like this:


You can add or remove languages there.

You can also change the setting in the Windows Store app. Just start the app, swipe in the charms menu and select Settings. In the settings menu select Preferences. The setting “Make it easier to find apps in my preferred languages” determines how the app will select the apps. Change this setting to No if you want see all the languages no matter what your settings are.


And you’re done.


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