Enable Kiosk-mode (assigned access) in Windows 8

Using Assigned Access you can easily lock down a Window 8.1 device and create a Kiosk Mode. This way the devices is foolproof and you can use it for a single purpose only. You can use any app that is installed on the system, even side-loaded apps.

Create a user account for assigned access

  1. Login with an admin account for the device
  2. Add an account to be used for kiosk mode
  3. Give the new account the Administrator role (needed for app install)

Install and configure the app

  1. Login with the new account
  2. Install the required app from the store or install the side-loading app
  3. Start the app and configure as needed

Configure assigned access

  1. Login with the admin account again
  2. Go to the Other Accounts settings page
    E.g. Charms – Settings – Change PC Settings – Accounts – Other Accounts
  3. Click Set up an account for assigned access
  4. Select the new account and select the installed app

Start in kiosk mode

Logoff the admin account and login with the new account. You will now see the selected app is displayed. If you wish to leave the account, press the Windows key 5 times quickly.

TIP: Change the power settings under the Admin user so the devices will never shut      down or show a lock screen.









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