Easily create apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone with AppMachine

AppMachine has a solution whith a webinterface to create good looking apps with lots of functionality, and then publish it in an automated way. They started with support for iOS and Android. But now they also support Windows Phone. That means that you can define your app and publish it easily on all three platforms without extra costs. They have attractive pricing models to make publishing these apps affordable.

AppMachine added support for Windows Phone

AppMachine added support for Windows Phone

AppMachine found a way to define the look and feel of an app, but adopt it for the specific platforms. A gallery on one platform can be implemented as a Pivot control on Windows Phone for instance. The extensive possibilities in the platform help everyone to build very robust, but still very personal apps.

For small businesses, but also for schools, sportclubs, tourism and more this is a very good solution. But also for timely apps for events this is a very nice solution. Check it out at www.appmachine.com.


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