New Windows app: MediaWall

The wall
The wall zoomed in
Media box

I’ve published a new app in the Windows Store called MediaWall. It’s based on an idea that we used for The Voice of Holland in 2013. This app shows image and videos from a folder you select in a tiled wall. By default the wall animates so it looks like you’re hovering over the wall. The wall can show JPG, PNG, WMV and MP4 files. You can also click or tap a tile so it opens in a large media box. Tap anywhere to close the media box. In the mean time tiles are refreshed with new ones in a configured intervall.


Download the app from the Windows Store

The wall can show mutliple videos, but the videos are scaled. That’s why there is a setting to limit the number of videos playing at the same time in the wall. By default this is set to 5, but you can change this depending on the performance you encounter on the machine you are running on.

When you first start the app you start with the settings screen. The one thing you must do is provide a content folder. The app will show all images and videos from that folder and all the direct subfolders. In the settings you can configure how the app will handle subfolders. In grouped mode only the first alphabetical image is shown in the wall, but when opened in the media box you can flip through the various items. If you don’t want to group the subfolders, all items are showed in the wall.

There is also an automatic mode which is set by default. When there hasn’t been any user interaction for a defined period of time, an automatic selection of items in the wall kicks in showing them in the media box. In the settings you can configure this timeout, but also the time used to show an item in the media box. Of course you can also switch off the automatic mode completely.

This app is perfect for use at events for instance. Or just as a lively wallpaper.