Build new experiences with the Microsoft Band

Last October Microsoft released the Microsoft Band – a wareable with a bunch of sensors and some apps. You can track your excercises, health, sleep and more. You can also see/feel notifications of incoming calls, mails, etceteras. Of course people want to extend this experience or use the data in their own app or website.


The Software Development Kit (SDK) for Microsoft Band is now available in preview. The SDK is available for Windows Phone and Android, iOS will follow soon. Documentation is available as well and some sample code. All this can be downloaded at

What can you do with the SDK? Currently you can retrieve data from the Band in your app. You can also create a new tile on the Band. And you can customize the UI of the Band. The rest of the ideas is up to your imagination. Most solutions are now aimed at Health, but maybe you can come up with other (useful) scenario’s as well.

Here is a list of the available sensor information:


If you want to design for the Microsoft Band, there is also a Visual Guide for the Band. This is part of the documentation, but here is a direct link to the PDF as well for your convenience.


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