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In one of the press talks at the E3 game show, Richard Irving from the Xbox Engineering Team revealed a major update to the Xbox One UI end of this year.

The new UI has a vertical orientation (which is a change from the previous horizontal one) and makes use of a quick navigation panel on the left hand side. Even from a game this navigation panel is quickly accessible by pressing the Xbox button twice on the controller. Another cool addition to the platform is Cortana. Cortana can be accessed throughout the interface and can help you out connecting to your friends and more.

For the complete listing of features, read the article on Xbox Wire.

In january 2015 we showed a new development from Microsoft that was something completely new and mind-blowing: Microsoft Hololens. Hololens makes it possible to combine the real world around us with virtual 3D models. Wikipedia defines a hologram as a photographic recording of a light field. Hololens also adds “3D sound”, so it can be positioned in the space around us as well to complete the experience.

During the //build keynote of april 2015 we already showed some very interesting applications of the technology, like the one used within a construction firm. During the Microsoft Press Conference at the E3 this week, we showed more what’s possible with Hololens. A special version of Minecraft for Hololens was demonstrated. Mind-blowing again.

If you’re looking for information on Microsoft Hololens, check out the Frequently Asked Question pagina of the Hololens website. If you would like to develop for Hololens, start now by building Windows 10 apps, as Hololens is running on Windows 10 (un-tethered). The game engine Unity is also supporting Hololens, as you can read on their blog.