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On the discussion board of the Player Framework there were a number of discussions about specific UI customizations. To have some more samples how to create a sample UI on top of the player framework I actually created one. If you look at it, it looks a bit like a well-known player. Of course there are lots of other UI elements in this sample one to enable all the Player Framework goodness. This is what the player looks like (it’s an image, not the actual player):


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image_6D20AC76We went for a short vacation to Greece and decided to go for a boat-trip for a day by ourselves. A small boat for a small area around some small islands. Because of a very bad map, bad instructions, bad supplies and an error in navigation we ended up in the middle of open sea without fuel. Luckily I could use my Windows Phone to call the rental agency. They would pick us up. But … where were we? Read more

You can’t think of the web without video these days it seems. And even on the phone we see more and more video as networks get more speed. If you want to build an application or website that shows video, how can you do that easily? The Microsoft Media Platform Player Framework, formerly known as Silverlight Media Framework, is a very useful and powerful toolkit for using a video player. There is support for various types of video/audio, use of advertisement (VAST/MAST/VPAID), markers, captions and more. And even better, you can customize that player to your needs. That means that you can determine what the framework does for you, you can extend it with your functionality, and you can customize the UI of the player. Read more